• 2Dunet T&C

    A leading used car marketing service platform

  • 52Toys

    52Toys T&C

    An online toy platform integrating content, consumption and social networking

  • 6DX (Yaodian 100) T&C

    A B2C e-commerce platform

  • 7k7k T&C

    A professional leisure and game website

  • 7KM T&C

    An agriculture B2B e-commerce platform. The company's business is based on SaaS and warehousing logistics system

  • 9Diamond T&C

    A pioneer of jewelry e-commerce model in China

  • Abbisko (SEHK:2256) Healthcare

    An innovative pharmaceutical company dedicated to new drug R&D

  • ABC Fintech T&C

    A fintech company providing AI-driven cloud services for financial professionals

  • Abogen Biosciences Healthcare

    Developer of mRNA drugs and vaccines for infectious diseases

  • Acea Bioscience (Acquired by Agilent) Healthcare

    A pioneer in the development and commercialization of high performance, cutting edge cell analysis platforms for life science research.

  • Acea Therapeutics Healthcare

    A US-based biotech company committed to developing and delivering innovative treatments to improve the lives of patients with life-threatening diseases

  • Aeonmed Co. Ltd Healthcare

    A leading domestic R&D and manufacturing enterprise for anesthesia and respiratory medical equipment

  • Afu T&C

    A leading brand of essential oil in China

  • AI Prime T&C

    An artificial intelligence company exploring industrial safety solutions

  • AirQuality T&C

    A high-tech company focused on solving air purification problems

  • Akulaku T&C

    A multinational e-commerce platform that offers online services

  • Alltech Healthcare

    A high-tech medical imaging technology company

  • Alpha Biopharma Healthcare

    A clinical stage company focusing on research and development of innovative therapeutics for unmet medical needs

  • Amoy Dx (SZSE:300685) Healthcare

    Focusing on molecular diagnostics for oncology precision medicine

  • Anssure Pharma Healthcare

    A leading pharma for transdermal patch

  • Antengene (SEHK:6996) Healthcare

    A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that focuses on introducing cutting-edge treatments, ranging from early-to-late stage development pipelines to mature brands, to China and other Asian markets

  • 安歆公寓

    Anxin apartment T&C

    A Shanghai-based serviced apartment chain targeting blue-collar workers

  • Anxin Doctor Healthcare

    A mobile maternal and pediatric health platform that connects patients with obstetrics, gynecology doctors and pediatrics doctors

  • Aohua Endoscopy Healthcare

    A medical endoscope manufacturing company with products consisting of video endoscopy system, endoscopy peripheral equipment, endoscopic diagnosis and treatment device

  • Apex Partners T&C

    A diversified, international education education group covering higher education, vocational education, basic education, pre-school education and international education

  • Apollomics, Inc. Healthcare

    A life sciences company focused on developing oncology therapeutics targeting the growth and proliferation of cancer cells

  • Appconomy T&C

    A global platform that increases app revenue, designed for brands, retailers, service providers, local merchants and mobile carriers

  • APT Medical (SHSE: 688617) Healthcare

    A developer, manufacturer and vendor of advanced interventional cardiovascular medical devices

  • Apus Group T&C

    A Beijing-based Android application development firm

  • Ark Biosciences Healthcare

    A biotech startup company focusing on innovative drug discovery and development, especially in the respiratory viral infection, for world-wide markets

  • Arrail Dental Healthcare

    A Mid- to High-end dental service provider in China

  • Asieris Pharmaceuticals Healthcare

    A company specializing in the R&D of new drugs for the treatment of genitourinary tumors and related diseases

  • Axera T&C

    AI chip startup

  • 邦尔骨科

    Bang-Er Orthopaedic Healthcare

    A professional hospital investment operator established on the basis of Yuhang Orthopaedic Hospital

  • Baoji Game T&C

    A mobile entertainment esports social app

  • Baoyu T&C

    A company specializing in mobile games and web game development

  • BBI Life Sciences (01035.HK) Healthcare

    A provider of life science research tools and services including molecular biology kits, biochemicals, synthetic genes and synthetic oligos to customers worldwide

  • Belief Biomed Healthcare

    A biomedical firm committed to the industrial research and development and clinical application of gene therapy drugs.

  • Berry Genomics (000710.SZ) Healthcare

    Focusing on developing DNA sequencing technology and genetic testing tools for disease screening and diagnosis

  • 和瑞基因

    Berry Oncology Healthcare

    A member company of Berry Genomics, providing comprehensive monitoring of tumor genes

  • Besunyen/Highstar (00926.HK, share transfer) T&C

    Dedicated to the production of healthy, therapeutic tea products

  • Bianligou T&C

    An unmanned convenience shelf operator that offers fruits, snacks, cold drinks, hot drinks, and meals

  • Bilibili (NASDAQ:BILI, SEHK:9626) T&C

    A video sharing website themed around anime, manga, and game fandom based in China

  • BiLin T&C

    A social app based on voices

  • Bingo Box T&C

    A revolutionary unmanned convenience store

  • 百恩互动娱乐

    Bion Interactive Entertainment Company Limited T&C

    A leading interactive movie content provider

  • Bioscience Healthcare

    A high and new technology enterprise which integrates R&D, manufacture, marketing and providing related technical supports for IVD instruments and reagents

  • Black Unique T&C

    A membership consumer platform that gathers discounts for China's hotels, restaurants and stores

  • Blue Satellite Communication Technology Co., LTD T&C

    A high-tech company specializing in telemedicine development, construction and operation

  • 博明视觉

    Bomming Vision Technology T&C

    Specializing in the development and application of machine vision technology

  • 博恩登特

    Bondent Healthcare

    An international supplier of dental medical equipment and materials

  • Bouffalo Lab T&C

    China's first semiconductor chip design company that provides a full range of IoT solutions

  • Broncus (SEHK:2216) Healthcare

    A California-based healthcare company focusing on the R&D of diagnosis treatments and medical equipment of respiratory diseasese

  • BTR China (Acquired by China Baoan) T&C

    A world's leading supplier of anode materials for lithium-ion batteries

  • Caimi T&C

    A Chinese FinTech company that has developed an online personal financial management platform that provides users with wealth management services and credit solutions

  • Canbridge Healthcare

    A bio-pharmaceutical company accelerating development and commercialization of specialty healthcare products for serious and critical medical conditions in China and North Asia

  • CanSino Biologics (SHSE: 688185, HKSE: 6185) Healthcare

    A biotechnology company dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and commercialization of vaccine products for human use

  • Captive8 T&C

    A high-tech company specializing in the development of casual games and game advertising systems

  • Cashbus T&C

    A microfinance company offering small short-term micro- and installment loans for the underbanked in China

  • Castbox T&C

    A global spoken audio platform pioneering in-audio search to deliver contextual recommendations for listeners of podcasts, on-demand radio and audiobooks

  • CEHome T&C

    A leading construction machinery Internet integrated service platform

  • Cencorp Automation T&C

    A world's leading provider of split and irregular plug-in solutions

  • Centre Healthcare

    Focused in the animal drug sector. It is a provider of animal TCMs in China

  • CETA (NEEQ:831381) T&C

    An environmental test and analysis company

  • Chaitin (Acquired by Alibaba Cloud) T&C

    A Beijing-based cybersecurity company

  • Chaodian Culture T&C

    A spin-out and subsidary of Bilibili

  • China Auto Care T&C

    A company that provides automotive products and services to new car owners

  • ChinaCache (Nasdaq:CCIH) T&C

    The first domestic CDN service provider licensed by the Ministry of Information Industry in China

  • 楚航科技

    Chuhang T&C

    A leading technology company focusing on millimeter wave radars and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

  • Chuman T&C

    A mobile drawing application that enables users to create and edit their own comics

  • Citic Pharma (Acquired by Shanghai Pharmaceuticals) Healthcare

    A major pharmaceutical distribution company in China

  • 易迪希

    Clinflash Healthcare

    An industry leader in China's clinical research and cloud solution sector, a subsidiary of TigerMed

  • Clounix T&C

    Developer of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) designed for cloud networking

  • Club Factory T&C

    An eCommerce platform that enables consumers to shop directly from factories around the world

  • CMLabs Healthcare

    CMLabs offers clinical laboratory services, clinical trial services, research services, and laboratory information system services to support all medical institutions

  • 连咖啡

    Coffee Box T&C

    A coffee chain brand that provides express delivery services

  • Coland (TSEC:4144) Healthcare

    A modern enterprise group that invests in, manages and manages the medical industry

  • Connect Biopharma (Nasdaq:CNTB) Healthcare

    A clinical drug developer for immune and allergy diseases

  • ContentBox T&C

    A blockchain digital content management platform

  • 无线联电科技

    Convenient Power (Acquired by CICC-Qianhai) T&C

    Convenient Power designs and develops innovative, environmentally protective wireless power technologies and applications which offer new dimensions of freedom and convenience to users of mobile electronics

  • Coohua T&C

    Coohua develops and operates lock screen cash back software.

  • Cool College T&C

    Enterprise training system solution service provider

  • Cootek (NYSE:CTK) T&C

    Dedicating to improving the usability, functionality and overall value of mobile devices via the software it designs and brings to the market

  • Coremed Healthcare

    A CRO specializing in clinical professional services for new technologies and products in the cardiovascular field

  • CrownBio (GTSM:6554) Healthcare

    A cutting edge translational technology company making precision medicine a reality

  • CSD Water (603903) T&C

    An integrated water service provider serving China's sustainable development

  • 库博能源

    Cubenergy T&C

    An energy technology company dedicated to providing users with energy data operation services and distributed energy storage system integration

  • Cure Genetics Healthcare

    A transformational biotechnology company focused on CRISPR gene editing technology for cell therapy drug applications

  • Cygia (Merged by CYG (SHA: 600525) ) T&C

    An automation equipment and solution provider for industrial clients in the electronics, automotive, semiconductor and medical industries.

  • Dajiabao T&C

    An online-to-offline insurance platform, providing consumers with insurance product comparison, consulting and purchasing advice

  • Delta Medical Healthcare

    A supplier of orthopedic surgical instruments and rehabilitation medical devices.

  • Desano Healthcare

    A key supplier with branded generic APIs

  • Dingdong (NYSE:DDL) T&C

    An online grocery shopping APP

  • Dining Secretary T&C

    A platform providing one-stop dining booking services

  • DK Medtech Healthcare

    Specializing in the development and production of vascular interventional medical treatment products

  • dMed Healthcare

    A collaborative Shanghai CRO consulting firm.

  • DocIn T&C

    An online platform for users to view, publish and share documents

  • Domob (Acquired by BlueFocus) T&C

    A mobile advertising company focusing on mobile gaming, application and brand display market

  • Downjoy T&C

    A frontier of China's mobile game portal

  • eHi (NYSE:EHIC) T&C

    China's Leading Car Services Provider

  • Eigen T&C

    AI technology company dedicated to applying AI technologies to business domains


    Developer of cellular IoT chips dedicated to providing full solutions for IoT and smart home appliances

  • 智昌集团

    Emergen T&C

    An industrial robot developer

  • 唯强医疗

    Endonom Healthcare

    Focusing on R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical support for interventional medical devices

  • ET Healthcare Healthcare

    An in vitro diagnostic technology company

  • Ether T&C

    Ether offers a wide variety of aspheric microlenses applied in both professional and consumer applications

  • FangTek T&C

    A leading provider of highly integrated circuit solutions for cell phone, portable device, voice processing, audio processing and image processing

  • Fanli (SHSE:600228) T&C

    China's largest online rebate and rebate based flash sale company with 70 million members, providing and organized sales and promotion events for local and international brands

  • 飞米科技

    FIMI T&C

    A consumer-grade drone technology company in Xiaomi ecosystem

  • FindPlastics T&C

    A plasticization industry integrated service provider


    An automation equipment design, development, and manufacturing company

  • 首格网络

    Firstgrid Healthcare

    A technology-based startup that is committed to improving the overall operational efficiency of the medical high-value consumables supply chain industry

  • Forgame (00484.HK) T&C

    A leading company of games and fintech in China

  • Fortune T&C

    One of the largest commercial factoring companies in China

  • Frontage Lab (01521.HK) Healthcare

    A full service CRO providing integrated, scientifically-driven research, analytical and development services throughout the drug discovery and development process

  • Gaiya T&C

    A comprehensive environmental service provider specializing in environmental restoration

  • Game Goo

    Gamegoo (Acquired by Tencent) T&C

    A language teaching game website

  • Gammastar Healthcare

    A high-tech company with independent intellectual property and senior professional background, focus on major medical equipment, research and development, manufacturing and services

  • Gan&Lee (SHSE:603087) Healthcare

    A biotechnology company in China engaged in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of human therapeutics

  • Gaugene Healthcare

    Developer and supplier of blood testing instruments and reagents

  • 优必杰

    Genius T&C

    An integrated teaching service provider of artificial intelligence and STEAM curriculum system

  • Genor Biopharma (SEHK:6998) Healthcare

    An innovation-driven international biopharmaceutical company


    An ODM-based (original design manufacturer) e-commerce clothing platform

  • GOODWILL Healthcare

    A leader in the medical information industry

  • Great Wall T&C

    An energy-saving and environmentally-friendly business service provider

  • Guokang Healthcare

    One of the largest healthcare service companies in China

  • Gyenno Science Healthcare

    Focusing on delivering clinical & research value to CNS specialists & patients, starting with Parkinson’s Disease (PD)

  • Hairun Media (NEEQ:836583) T&C

    The largest privately owned film and television production company in China

  • Hairun Pictures T&C

    A company specializing in film production

  • Hanqi Environment T&C

    A player in petrochemical and chemical and oily wastewater treatment sector.

  • Haosi Biotech Healthcare

    a mass spec research and development company

  • Happy Intelligence T&C

    An AI-based education company

  • HashQuark T&C

    Professional Staking+ Ecosystem Service Provider

  • Health Gene Technologies Healthcare

    A company dedicated to gene fragment analysis application development

  • Hesai T&C

    A world's leading automotive laser radar technology company for autonomous driving

  • Hexing (SHSE:603556) T&C

    Smart products and power solutions for power customers worldwide

  • Hochuen Medical Healthcare

    Operator of a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) focusing on manufacturing of microfluidic chips and biomedical consumables

  • Honess T&C

    Honess provides EPC and project design services on industrial wastewater treatment projects, and also manufactures related product and equipment.

  • Hope Medicine Healthcare

    A global science-driven innovative biopharmaceutical company

  • Hortor T&C

    Hortor Soft develops mobile games and apps. The company's flagship apps include Crazy Guess Figure, Fashion Assistant and Digital Fair.

  • Hot New Energy T&C

    Providing EPC and EMC services to industrial customers to achieve waste heat recovery

  • T&C

    Developer of integrated circuit storage technology designed for use in artificial intelligence and other high power computing applications.

  • Hualala T&C

    Online children's art brand, the first online live music class for children in China

  • 惠每科技

    Huimei Technology Healthcare

    A subsidary of Huimei Healthcare, a medical group established by Mayo Clinic and Hillhouse Capital.

  • Hypereal T&C

    Hypereal makes virtual reality and augmented reality technology company, specializing in VR headsets.

  • HyperStrong T&C

    Hyper Strong is mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of grid energy storage systems and battery systems for electric vehicles.

  • ICE

    ICE T&C

    A game developer, publisher and operator

  • 九州云腾

    IDsManager (Acquired by Alibaba Cloud) T&C

    A solution provider of identity verification and management focusing on cloud computing and mobile applications

  • imToken T&C

    A blockchain tech startup and crypto wallet developer

  • Infervision Medical Technology Co T&C

    A Beijing-based medical imaging company using machine learning and computer vision to help diagnose cancers

  • Infinity Stones

    InfStones T&C

    World's leading blockchain cloud service provider

  • Innostic Healthcare

    A medical supplies distribution & supply chain management company

  • Insight Lifetech Healthcare

    An interventional cardiovascular diagnostic and therapy product provider

  • 英科智能

    InSilico Medicine Healthcare

    A pioneer in next-generation artificial intelligence technology for drug discovery.

  • Insta360 T&C

    A professional intelligent technology company that develops 360-degree cameras

  • International Water T&C

    A company dedicated to wastewater treatment

  • 英途康

    IntoCare Healthcare

    A high-tech company specializing in surgical products such as "Smart" Powered Staplers

  • InventisBio Healthcare

    A dynamic and fast-growing global biotech company with multiple therapeutic agents at clinical stage

  • 英涉

    Inxx T&C

    A platform in China for international high street fashion select shops, with a range of independent brands offering clothing, shoes and bags, and jewelry

  • 苏州诺普

    iTop Medical Healthcare

    Based on the organic printing united system (OPUS), the firm develops a series of clinically applicable tissue engineering products and treatments and creates leading domestic 3D biomedical printing complete solutions.

  •  iTutorGroup

    iTutorGroup T&C

    An online education platform and English language learning institution, serving students that range from global business professionals to young children

  • IXC Inc (The Good Stuff) T&C

    A community-based eCommerce startup that makes premium products and services accessible to middle-class Chinese consumer

  • Izuiyou T&C

    A software which intergrates a variety of humorous topics on mobile platforms

  • Jacobio (SEHK:1167) Healthcare

    A clinical stage biotech company dedicated to the development of drugs

  • JFK Biotech Healthcare

    Dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative biomarker and targeted molecular technology, and molecular diagnostic products for tumors

  • JHT Healthcare

    A traditional Chinese medicine chain store

  • Jiayuan (Listed on Nasdaq, then acquired by Baihe Network) T&C

    A leading online dating platform in China

  • Juren T&C

    A middle school and elementary school students educational platform

  • Just Medical Healthcare

    A high-tech company that specializes in prosthetics for orthopedics

  • Kaixin T&C

    A platform for the development of mobile applications and mobile games

  • KangBai Healthcare

    A clinical study center chain in China

  • Kaola Reading T&C

    A leading K12 grade reading brand

  • Kascend T&C

    A game live broadcast platform, with mobile games as the core

  • 科州制药

    Kechow Pharma Healthcare

    A biopharmaceutical company focused on novel drug discovery

  • KeySino (SZSE:300899) T&C

    A membrane filtration integration technology solution provider

  • Kingsware T&C

    Developer of enterprise-grade robotic process automation (RPA) software

  • Kingtrol (NEEQ: 834268, then went private) T&C

    An industrial Internet, Big Data Platform Development and Operators

  • Kintep (NEEQ: 833948, then went private) T&C

    A high-tech enterprise focusing on new equipment and new technologies for sludge treatment

  • Kira Pharmaceuticals Healthcare

    A company dedicated to innovative drugs

  • KK唱响

    KK Inc. T&C

    An online video interactive dating app that combines KTV and social functions

  • KuaiGeng T&C

    A mobile application that uses big data and artificial intelligence algorithms to recommend short videos to users

  • Lagou (Acquired by 51jobs) T&C

    A job-matching platform to connect tech talents and companies to facilitate the recruitment process

  • Lanmi T&C

    An internet company whose core business of smart home wireless audio equipment

  • LaNova Medicines Healthcare

    A pharmaceutical and biotechnology developer

  • Lanzatech T&C

    A leader in gas fermentation technology that provides novel and economic routes to fuels and high value chemicals from waste carbon streams

  • Letel (NEEQ:833609) T&C

    A joint-stock listed enterprise specialized in production, R&D, marketing and services of information and telecommunication network infrastructures

  • LIH Healthcare

    A rehabilitation medical group integrating investment, management and operation

  • Linqu T&C

    Linjia (Linqu) allows users to order food and daily necessaries from restaurants, grocery shops, convenience stores and pharmacies within a three-kilometer radius.

  • Little Shell Healthcare

    Clinical medicine-based chronic disease patient management platform

  • Longwill/Pharmasky Healthcare

    A industry leader in community health services

  • LP Amina T&C

    A multinational environmental engineering company with research and development activities in the US, Europe and Asia

  • Luojisiwei T&C

    A knowledge-based networking community for China's younger generations

  • Luotianyi T&C

    The world's first Chinese virtual singer

  • LuPu T&C

    An independent service provider focused on distributing wealth management products to high net worth individuals in China

  • Mafengwo T&C

    Mafengwo provides travel information and booking services for independent travelers.

  • MainOne T&C

    China's leading SME Internet service provider

  • Mandian T&C

    Good-looking, fun and useful original super slow motions

  • Matrixport T&C

    Asia's Leading Crypto Financial Services Platform

  • Mech-Mind T&C

    A developer of software solutions for industrial robots, including robotic vision (2D / 3D), advanced programming models, fast environment perception, intelligent decision-making, autonomous path planning, and other core technologies

  • MediLink Therapeutics Healthcare

    Focusing on developing next generation drug conjugates

  • MedSci Healthcare

    MedSci provides strategies, solutions and services to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device organization and the consumer healthcare industry

  • MEDx Translational Medicine Healthcare

    An innovative company that provides complete solutions for precision medicine

  • MeetFuture Tech T&C

    A technology-driven company that supplies automated transmission systems for the pan-semiconductor industry

  • Meitu (SEHK:1357) T&C

    Meitu helps over 700 million users to create customized images and selfies usually for uploading to social media networks

  • Meituan (03690.HK) T&C

    Formed by the merger of Meituan and Dianping. Meituan is a China-based group discount platform. Dianping is a Chinese location-based dining information and group-buying website.

  • 妙手医生

    Miaoshou Healthcare

    A pharmaceutical e-commerce company

  • Micromedia T&C

    A DIY App builder

  • 微点

    Micropoint Bio Healthcare

    A global provider of fast and reliable bedside inspection (POCT) systems and solutions

  • MicroTech (SEHK:2235) Healthcare

    MicroTech offers systems administration and engineering, network design, custom application and Web development, program management, and business process improvement services to government clients.

  • Mitralign Healthcare

    Mitralign is developing a catheter-based technology for percutaneous treatment of functional mitral regurgitation.

  • Mitu Robot T&C

    An intelligent toy technology company in Xiaomi ecosystem

  • Mobike (Acquired by Meituan-Dianping) T&C

    A Shanghai-based company offering a mobile app that allows users to rent bikes for short distance commute.

  • Mogu Inc (NYSE:MOGU) T&C

    An online fashion and lifestyle destination in China

  • More Tickets (Motianlun) T&C

    Moretickets operates an online ticketing platform that allows competitive ticket sourcing, and provides a transparent pricing mechanism as well as standardized ticketing services.

  • MoreWis T&C

    A smart manufacturing solution provider that provides manufacturing execution systems, warehouse management systems, cloud services, and more for manufacturing companies

  • mucho

    Mucho T&C

    A social e-commerce platform in Indonesia, aiming to be Indonesia’s PinDuoDuo

  • (Acquired by ByteDance) T&C

    An app that makes it fun and easy for users to create their own music videos and share them with friends

  • Mutto (GTSM:4950) T&C

    A leading touch panel provider for the mobile phone and tablet market

  • 拿森汽车

    NASN T&C

    An advanced technology provider for automotive chassis electronic control products, ADAS and other autonomous driving related core technologies

  • 内外


    A women's underwear and lingerie brand. The company also offers undershirts, camisoles, leggings, pajamas, bathrobes, jackets, and sportswear for both men and women.

  • 诺辉健康

    New Horizon Health (SEHK:6606) Healthcare

    A precision health start-up focusing on developing early-stage cancer screening technologies

  • 恒翼生物

    Newsoara Healthcare

    A biomedical technology developer, specializing in technology development in the field of biomedical technology and medical devices

  • Novast

    Novast Healthcare

    A United States FDA-inspected multinational pharmaceutical company with business units based in the United States and China

  • Nurien/Pixelberry T&C

    An industry leader in developing and operating of social networking and online gaming platform for young generation

  • Nurotron Healthcare

    A leading solutions provider for implantable hearing aid

  • NVXClouds T&C

    Developer of private, secure data analytics software

  • OneAPM (NEEQ:838699) T&C

    A market leader in providing IT operations management solutions for enterprise users

  • OneASP T&C

    A network security product developer

  • OriGene

    Origene Healthcare

    A biosciences company dedicated to develop gene centric products and services to improve the quality of healthcare diagnostics and treatments

  • OriginCell Healthcare

    Specializing in the development of solid tumor cell immunotherapy technology and drugs

  • 小佩宠物

    Petkit T&C

    A creator of high-end smart products for pets

  • Pine & Power Biotech Healthcare

    Focused on developing and manufacturing biological products and class-III medical apparatus and instruments

  • Plum T&C

    A second-hand fashion merchandise trading platform, focusing on the sale of luxury goods & designer brands

  • Pluslife Biotech Healthcare

    An innovative company focus on home-based molecular testing

  • 泡泡游戏

    Pop Game T&C

    A WeChat mini-game platform

  • PowerGenix T&C

    A developer of high-performance, low-cost Nickel-Zinc batteries for automotive, industrial and stationary storage applications

  • PPS T&C

    A high quality video entertainment service provider in China

  • Pratilipi

    Pratilipi T&C

    A self-publishing platform that enables users to read, write and listen to stories in Indian languages

  • 精实测控

    PRM T&C

    China's top supplier of testing and automation solutions

  • Qiangsen Medical Healthcare

    Community chain hospitals that root communities and serve families

  • Qingflow T&C

    Developer of business workflow management SaaS platform designed to provide users with customized business management system

  • Qiniu T&C

    Qiniu offers one-stop enterprise data management services.

  • Qiniu School T&C

    Provider of personal finance online course

  • Qkuts T&C

    A high-end chain of hair & nail salons for children

  • QQSF T&C

    A restaurant company specializing in Taiwanese food and snacks

  • QuickPic T&C

    An alternative album app for Android

  • RDS T&C

    A leading risk control system service provider for banks’ lending business

  • RedDoorz

    Reddoorz T&C

    A South East Asia-based light budget accommodation brand and service offering for hotels, resorts, inns, service apartments, B&Bs and guesthouses

  • Render Biotech Healthcare

    Developer of in-vitro diagnostic equipment in the field of blood coagulation, hemostasis, chemiluminescence and clinical microbiology

  • Rendu Healthcare

    A high-tech enterprise focusing on RNA molecular diagnostic technology and products

  • RENS Energy T&C

    A distributed energy storage solution provider, its services include energy usage analysis and energy optimization

  • 华亘控股

    Richen Healthcare

    The company developed 13C-UBT (13C urea breath test) diagnosis system which has become golden standard of HP diagnosis. The company is a state-level high-tech enterprise.

  • Roborock (688169.SH) T&C

    A consumer electronics company specializing in the production of home cleaning robots and other home cleaning appliances

  • Ruhan (Nasdaq:RUHN ) T&C

    China's largest e-commerce online KOL incubation and marketing platform

  • Saints & Sages Healthcare

    Manufacturer of a medical device designed to facilitate minimally invasive surgery

  • Sanyou (688085.SH) Healthcare

    A company dedicated to the development, production and sales of orthopedic implants for independent innovation and research and development.

  • 景昱医疗

    SceneRay Healthcare

    A medical device company dedicated to the design, Development, and distribution of neuromodulation devices

  • Schrödinger (NASDAQ:SDGR) Healthcare

    Schrodinger provides advanced molecular simulations and enterprise software solutions and services for life sciences and materials research.

  • Sequoia DB T&C

    "Focusing on the development of a new generation of distributed database technology"


    A high-tech enterprise that specializes in the disposal of organic waste and the remediation of contaminated sites

  • Shanzhen

    Shanzhen Healthcare

    A medical examination appointment checking platform

  • Shenogen Healthcare

    A drug discovery and development company founded in 2006 based in Beijing and dedicated to the development of therapeutics for cancer treatment

  • Shenzhen DST T&C

    A service provider specializing in the intensive operation of new energy logistics vehicles

  • Shihui Inc (NiceTuan) T&C

    A gourmet community e-commerce service platform

  • Shiyunji T&C

    A food court operator that employs mobile and cloud technology to streamline both sales and purchasing

  • 受体

    ShouTi Healthcare

    Developer of drugs focused on novel small molecules for multiple unmet medical needs.

  • Showball Tech (dba Xiudan) T&C

    A video chatting social app based on 3D models

  • Shukun Technology Healthcare

    Developer of diagnostic systems by using machine learning and AI technology

  • Shulan Healthcare

    A large hospital center providing services including rehabilitation, nutrition, health examination, remote-consultation, regional medical imaging, regional clinical test, international medical insurance, and more

  • Sier education T&C

    A leading online finance education company

  • Singular Medical Healthcare

    Specializing in the development, production, and sales of implantable cardioverter defibrillator, cardiac pacemaker, cardiac pacemaker, and other cardiac rhythm management (CRM) products

  • Sino Biological (SZSE:301047) Healthcare

    High-tech enterprise providing high quality recombinant protein and antibody to the world

  • 圣诺医疗

    Sino MDT Healthcare

    It is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of single-person automatic chemiluminescence analyzer.

  • SinocellTech (688520.SH) Healthcare

    A high-tech enterprise with world-class new drug innovation and industrialization capabilities

  • SinoTau (NEEQ:838851, then went private) Healthcare

    A total solution provider specializing in generic drugs and innovative drugs

  • 曜影医疗

    SinoUnited Healthcare

    A medical services provider that is focused on specialized rehabilitation and integrated pain management, sports medicine, and orthopedics for Shanghai residents and visitors.

  • SinoVision Healthcare

    A solution provider for global high-end imaging equipment, cloud service platform and remote diagnostic technologies

  • Slanissue ( T&C

    The Company endeavors to promote pre-school children's education and development through integrating Internet, new multimedia technologies and publishing, providing children with multi-form products and services.

  • SMTP Healthcare

    SMTP technology is focused on innovation in orthopedic and surgical medical device to provide better solution to surgeons and patients.

  • Sunny Dental Clinic Healthcare

    A dental hospital chain based in China that provides orthodontics, implants, recovery, pediatric dental care, and other services

  • Sunyur T&C

    Provider of digital procurement solutions for enterprises

  • SuperHexa T&C

    A hardware company focusing on personal consumer electronics

  • Sweetome T&C

    A real estate management company based in China

  • 呈天游

    T4 Game (NEEQ:835471) T&C

    A multi-platform online game developer and operator with global influence

  • Taomee (NYSE:TAOM, then went private) T&C

    An entertainment company driven to deliver exceptional entertainment to children and families

  • Tasogare Coffee T&C

    A emerging coffee brand that focuses on hanging dripping bags, pods, and other coffee products

  • Tellgen (SZSE:300642) Healthcare

    A high-technology enterprise focusing on R&D, manufacture and distribute of state of the art IVDs

  • 创客星球

    The Makers T&C

    An entertainment intellectual property (IP) creator that has developed an online crowdfunding platform and collaborates with television companies to produce TV shows

  • Tianfutong T&C

    A child mathematics intelligent training service provider

  • Tiangua T&C

    A Chinese mobile gaming developer

  • TigerGraph T&C

    A real-time graph database platform

  • 泰格医药

    Tigermed (SZSE: 300347, SEHK:3347) Healthcare

    A contract research organization specializing in the provision of clinical trials for the development of new drugs

  • 天深医疗

    Tisenc (Acquired by Wondfo) Healthcare

    It is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of single-person automatic chemiluminescence analyzer.

  • Tongdun Technology T&C

    Tongdun Technology provides big data-based anti-theft and anti-fraud risk control services to over 3,000 financial services firms, insurance companies, third-party online payment platforms, e-commerce and social media platforms.

  • Tongzhuo Game T&C

    A mobile Internetw company focused on gaming social platforms

  • Transwarp T&C

    A fabless IC company that develops specialized switching applications to meet customers design specs

  • Try

    Trytry T&C

    Trytry Global provides a new shopping method by leveraging "Try before Buy", and has reached a high conversion rate from "try" to a real purchase.

  • Tuhu T&C

    An O2O platform that focuses on tire, oil change, and car maintenance services

  • Tujia International T&C

    An online vacation rental services provider in China targeting middle to high-end Chinese travelers

  • 探迹

    Tungee T&C

    A SaaS platform that provides artificial intelligence-powered sales forecast for B2B businesses

  • UBTech T&C

    An AI company that develops intelligent humanoid robots

  • 云知声

    Unisound T&C

    Unisound has launched a series of voice recognition service middleware and platforms.

  • V Light T&C

    An interest social app

  • 德晋医疗

    Valgen Medtech Healthcare

    Focusing on technical innovation and product development for the treatment of mitral valve disease


    An online direct sales company offering men's garments

  • VeeR T&C

    World's leading virtual reality (VR) content platform and community

  • Venus Medtech (02500.HK) Healthcare

    Venus Medtech focuses on the R&D of transvascular intervention device

  • Vilo (dba Heika) T&C

    A black technology camera software with special effects

  • VINNO Medical Healthcare

    A manufacturer specialized in the research and production of medical color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic equipment

  • Vistal Healthcare

    A high-tech enterprise focusing on exploring the application of artificial intelligence technology (AI) in the medical industry

  • VR Medical Healthcare

    A US based company, was established in 2009 to provide medical device companies, and distributors, a new and more effective low-cost, high-quality manufacturing resource.

  • Wacai T&C

    A Chinese FinTech company that has developed an all-in-one online personal financial management platform

  • 瓦力网络

    Wali International (Acquired by Xiaomi) T&C

    A professional technology company dedicated to wireless Internet technology development and application services

  • We Doctor Healthcare

    A China-based developer of online and mobile healthcare solutions

  • Wealth Bridge T&C

    A software that helps financial managers improve the efficiency of their services for customers

  • Webcomics T&C

    A comic & manga publishing and reading platform

  • Webuy (dba Jingling) T&C

    An app dedicated to providing branded goods for “Daigou”

  • 微洱科技

    Weier Technology T&C

    An e-commerce SaaS company, providing Chatbot, intelligent marketing tools and user management platform

  • WeRide T&C

    A mobility company powered by AI technology focused on autonomous vehicles

  • Wifi Spirit T&C

    A wireless sharing software based on PC wireless network card application

  • Woof

    WOOF T&C

    A street fashion community and e-commerce platform for young generations

  • WorkTrans T&C

    A SaaS-based HR & workforce management platform, offering multi-site management, scheduling, intelligent reporting, payroll, attendance management, and more

  • Wuli Planet T&C

    A social and game app for young people

  • Wuxi Leiming Healthcare

    An ophthalmic medical device manufacturer in China

  • XellSmart Healthcare

    Developer of stem cell treatment solutions

  • Xiaobu (VN NgayNay) T&C

    Xiaobu operates VN NgayNay, a mobile content aggregator and personalized recommendation app.

  • OKKI T&C

    A SaaS company that offers CRM solutions and services to help Chinese enterprises to expand their international business

  • Xiaomi (01810.HK) T&C

    Xiaomi is focused on self-developed high-end smartphone mobile devices with low price-points.

  • XiaoY Game T&C

    Committed to creating the most fun smart TV game platform

  • Xsky T&C

    A technical company focusing on software-defined-infrastructure products and services.

  • Yeelion T&C

    A platform under Tencent Music

  • Yi Technology T&C

    A provider of advanced, intelligent video, imaging and computer vision technologies

  • Yilong Hengye T&C

    A leading upstream oilfield service provider (traditional & unconventional reserve) targeting at domestic and overseas markets

  • You'A T&C

    An e-commerce platform

  • Yuanbao T&C

    Provider of online insurance services

  • 圆心惠保

    Yuanxin Insurance Healthcare

    A health insurance technology company that provides product pricing, risk management, user acquisition, and other solutions

  • Yunji Technology T&C

    A provider of service robots

  • 云英谷

    Yunyinggu T&C

    A display technology company that provides color rendering solutions to enhance display resolution and color representation while keeping low power consumption and low cost

  • ZaiLab (Nasdaq: ZLAB) Healthcare

    An innovative biopharmaceutical company based in China

  • Zaojiu T&C

    A platform for the interpretation of the theatre scene in China, and is dedicated to discovering creative ideas and practices in the fields of technology, economy and culture.

  • 执鼎医疗

    ZD medical Healthcare

    A medical device company specialized in manufacturing Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCTA) devices

  • Zego T&C

    The world's leading real-time voice video cloud service provider

  • Zhenge Biotech Healthcare

    A macromolecular pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organisation

  • Zhihu Technology (NYSE: ZH) T&C

    Zhihu lets users ask or answer any question and tries to find the best answers to these questions by leveraging a voting mechanism.

  • Zhizun Auction T&C

    A jewellery live e-commerce

  • Zhuhai DL Biotech Healthcare

    Specializes in microbial medical instruments and in vitro diagnostic reagents

  • Zion Healthcare

    A leading drug discovery platform that develops "me-better" drus that address true unmet needs

  • ZSHK Lab Healthcare

    a preclinical CRO company in China

  • Zuoshou Yisheng Healthcare

    A provider of medical artificial intelligence technology, knowledge, and data services.

  • T&C

    An international car rental platforms in China, with a coverage of 40,000 car pick-up stores in 180 countries